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Exciting like never before

Melissa Lischer's new single „Honest Song“ emphasizes particularly the musical and personal evolution she did during the last years.
With her label profimedia she looked for the sound she desired and this resulted in a cooperation with Rockstar Publishing and Creative Lounge in Mallorca. The last December the flights toward the island were booked and with Rico H (BobSpring, AnnA Lux, Inge Ginsberg, Clarice) and Van Velvet (Falko, Alexa Feser, Yvonne Catterfeld) she produced „Honest Song“. They registrated two other acoustic songs: „Autumn“ und „Black Bird“ as bonus at the pubblication. Rico H: "Create a new sound for an established artist is never easy. We invested a lot of time to get exactly what Melissa imagined. Thanks to her fantastic voice and big professionalism we managed it and the whole team is happy about the great result."
Melissa didn't lose her joy in telling stories and inluding sensitive issues in her music, but otherwise we will hear a new Melissa Lischer, approachable and exciting like never before.
Melissa Lischer waited for a long time not only for the single, also privately she's expecting: soon she will become mother.

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Flava & Stevenson "Once in a Lifetime"

Flava & Stevenson's new single is called „Once in a Lifetime“. It was written with the musician Patrick Jonsson from Lucerne, who has just published his fourth album „Rosy Rosy Please“. Jonnson is responsible also for the exciting voice of „Once in a Lifetime".
The song was produced by Flava & Stevenson in collaboration with Jack Dylan and FreeG, who was on board for many other hits like „Good Time“ and „Love a Paris“, as well as Flava & Stevenson's four chart albums.
It was created a cheerful, with a little country appeal seasoned partysong, which makes you want to join in dancing and singing.

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X-Stylez | Two-M "Stay"

During their untiring search for new impressions for their sound, in springtime 2016 X-Stylez | Two-M went to Austria. In the remote, beautiful Tyrol they exchanged ideas, experiment and wrote new songs with Ela Steinmetz (Elaiza, ESC Germany) and the songwriter Dillon Dixon (George Jones, Steve Holy, Neal McCoy, soundtrack Scream, Terminator 3, Blade, etc). Right there was created the song „Stay".
With this real gem X-Stylez | Two-M returned to Switzerland and got the two Berliners platinum producers Kilian & Jo (Glasperlenspiel) on board, to work on the song's refinement. On the 21th of October 2016 profimedia, together with disco:wax/Sony Music Entertainment, is going to publish internationally the single „Stay“.
After their single „On Me“, productions for Swisscom and USB, as well as the featuring with DJ Antoine for his album's title song „We Are The Party“, it is a further milestone in the musically career of X-Stylez | Two-M.

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A rock ballad from the south

The second single "Valery" was released in June 2016, including the first music video of the band F. Way. "Valery" is played by SRF3, Rete Tre, Radio 3i, Radio Fiume and other radio stations. The music video is transmited, amongst others, by the Swiss television. After two powerful rock songs F. Way is going to publish a wonderful rock ballad. It's still an unexplored side to them, but the big potential of the young group from Ticino is absolutely recognizable. Also the third single was produced by Jonas Macullo and arranged by Marco Guarnerio.
Friendship consists in sharing the good, but also the bad times. Unfortunatly often we notice this only when we have already lost our friends. "None Of Us" tells us that it is important to be aware of this and to don't leave anybody alone.

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Snowfinch "Fight To Move On"


Music video by Snowfinch
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Second Single by F. Way

„Valery“, the second single by F.Way, produced by Jonas Macullo and arranged by Marco Guarnerio is available now. At the same time, F. Way’s first music video has been released for this song, created by iwishproductions in Zurich. In the video, the band around lead singer Fabiano Wildi tries to bring the message of the song “Valery” home to a running beauty. Already the first single “Taking All My Fears Away” was added to the playlists of many radio stations and the media wrote very positively about the newcomers from the canton of Ticino. The new single distinguishes itself again by powerful singing and strong, complex sound. The four young Ticinesi have an extraordinary gift for radiating the fascination of rock music.

Music video by F. Way
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Make Plain with new album "Side Street"

With their second album "Side Street" the duo Make Plain (Luca Imperiali and Andrea Zinzi) publishes an album, which differs considerably in the sound from their debut album "Make it Plain" (2013). In accompaniment of the producer Jonas Macullo and the art director Marco Guarnerio a brilliant work has originated, where the naturalness of "Make Plain" in the whole force is recognizable.

The music of the two Ticino is through their simpleness, the flair for the matching sounds and also the unmistakably vocal Stamp a distillation of musical philosophy and philosophy of life of "Make Plain". On the album are among others also Sugar Blue (harmonica), Andrea Aloisi (violin) and the Gos Band, consisting of Daniel Macullo (electro guitar), Daniel Bagutti (drums) and Julian Cambarau (bass guitar).

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"Oh Oh Oh" by daFOO

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"dararap (feat. Shoek)" by Sara Serio

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New Single "Fortress" by FreeG

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"I can’t fight alone" out now!

In the past months Linda Swan has been working on her first single with Massimiliano Vitale (co-composer and arranger), Jonas Macullo (producer and owner of the recording studio JDAM Giornico) and Diana Piffari (pre-production arranger). Vocals have been recorded with the support of Eva Simontacchi in the Auditoria Records Studio. This studio has made itself a name through recordings with Nek, Giovanni Caccamo, Francesca Michielin and other designated artists. The mastering was completed by Antonio Baglio in the USA. Linda Swan’s determination and will to get the maximum out of her songs and her musical skills have resulted in the first single she wrote herself already being a fresh and credible country-pop earworm.
This single titled ‘I can’t fight alone’ will be released on April 29, 2016 by the label profimedia.

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First Single by F. Way

Not much happens in Ticino during winter usually. Maybe it is for this very reason that four musicians got together on a cold winter night in the year 2014 with the vision to cause a stir with English-language  Rock, not just in Ticino but beyond.   United under the name F. Way, Fabiano Wildi (vocals and guitar), Andrea Rusconi (guitar and vocals), Andrea Sampaio (bass and backing vocals) and Roberto Bianchetti (percussion) started writing songs and doing concerts together.   With a lot of energy and passion they did everything they could to continually evolve their skills and gain as much live and studio experience as possible. This started paying of quickly. Already in October 2015 they got to celebrate their first success when they won the FOFT MUSIC competition and shortly after signed a label contract with profimedia in December. At the same time the four promising musicians went to a studio to record their first own songs. On April 15, 2016, their first single will be released with ‘Taking All My Fears Away’, produced by Jonas Macullo and arranged by Marco Guarnerio. With Fabiano Wildi’s powerful voice and sound song-writing, the four Ticinesi emerge with a loud bang that will certainly be heard across the alps.

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Neue Single "Goodbye"

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Flava & Stevenson "Dynamic"

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Melissa Lischer "Color Explosions"

After "Come Closer", an Album and many concerts, Melissa Lischer released her new single ‘Color Explosions’ on March 4, 2016. The video clip for the song was filmed in the Swiss mountains. Melissa Lischer on ‘Color Explosions’: “The song talks about creativity, colors and imaginations that go beyond our thinking.”

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